Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Pedro's Tuesday Pizza night - who's that guitar hero?

There is a new game in town for all the WII players out there and it's at the one and only Pedro's sports bar, Bruce Springstein eat your heart out. (check out Walter's hair, 15 yrs and no cut in sight)

Pedro trying to get friendly with our RCI owner Sharilyn Williams and her lovely friend Cathy.

Sharilyn and her very happy/tipsy friends on their new found drink, Baileys, Vodka and Kahlua.

Scooby, recently a beach dog has a new home and was being initiated into Pedro's sport bar.

Paul AKA Taco boy is giving it some on the guitar, he was good but not as good as the blonde.

Our newest members of the Pedro gang Graham and Ruth, some more Brits, he manages a resort near Banyan Bay and she manages him. They are the lovely family along with their 3 children that adopted Scooby, poor dog had 3 names before they got it right and also had his manhood before they took him!

The Tacos, regularly seen at Pedro's as they have to follow all the antics and blog them! Check out the Jager wall and ask no questions!

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Rachel Hoke said...

Hello Boydie baby! Tell that lousy Pedro that the Hoke's said he's lookin for love in all the wrong places!! HAHA! Does he want to bet us on Notre Dame again this year? Funny he never replied when we whooped up on their asses (along with the rest of the Nation) last year...