Saturday, June 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Mum's, Sharon's and Cindy's!!

I am going to be totally cheeky right now and use this blog to say a huge happy birthday to our mums, Maureen Boyd and Cherie Vigna! I spoke to my mum on the mobile earlier today but it is so not the same as being with her right now. I know they follow our blog to keep an eye on what we get up to over here, good job we get to edit first is all I can say.
Also tomorrow is Cindy's mum Cherie Vigna's birthday so this shout out goes to the both of you from the both of us! We love and miss you and can't wait till next year when you are all here at the same time and we will celebrate then, a wee bit late but what the heck lol you two XX

Maureen in party mood appropriately, with JD, at Dads 70th here in Dec last year on a sunset cruise. ( photo borrowed from tacos blog).

The lovely Cindy and her mum Cherie, doing what they do best, looking glamorous and celebrating life and being together! (photo borrowed from Cindy's blog)

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