Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Happy birthday Boydie!!

Happy birthday to me happy birthday to me oh happy birthday to me! It is 11.30pm my time in Belize therefore 6.30am in England where my family are right now. I am holding off calling my parents as I know my mum will want to talk to me first thing and trust me this is where it is so hard being this far away from them. Anyhow I wanted my mum to see that I have a cake for my birthday and we will be tucking into it later on today the 26th June thanks to Tabu.
I am sorry for all the guests out here right now as I know it will rain today as it always did in England for Wimbledon the tennis tournament and it will for sure over here for any plans that we may have to celebrate my being a year older!
Thanks for all the well wishes especially from my wonderful family, mum and dad sisters and brother, neices and nephews. ex-boyfriends and that one and only ex-fiancee! I love and miss most of you and will be raising a glass or two to you later on today, ta ta for now from me in Belize LOL.


Kathy said...

Our very best wishes for a wonderful birthday!!

Dan and Kathy

judi said...

A big happy birthday your way from Southern California. Know there will be lots of food and drink to celebrate this evening. Wish I was there to celebrate with you. Judi

pegster said...

Sharon: Happy belated birthday. We are leaving tonite on the red-eye and will see you in the morning. I have the magazines and doggie treats for Lisbon and Jackie. Hope you had a great party for your B-Day!