Monday, June 16, 2008

Here we go again - Cocktail party, week 24

What a turnout this week, they came from everywhere, with so many great return owners back here this week we are going to be kept on our toes for sure ! Luckily we had an extra secret weapon as in a unique rum punch that was loaded with Vodka!!!

Our RCI Exchange group - these guys have been having lots of fun on their first visit to Belize, unbelievably staying in Grand Coloney as the Kilgariffs gave their week up for this year, hello Becky and Emerett see you at christmas.

More happy faces as also staying in a Grand Colony unit and this week's quiz winners! They need to raise their glasses to the Beaver family who also had to give their week up to RCI, we miss you guys but know we will see you again in the future.

Mr Desi Rosado back to see us again - trying his hand at our quiz, not in a dress this time as you can see! sharon is in the backround trying to mark the quiz entries! Sleezy is not a dwarf!

The Rowlands - avid fishing group - wait and see the photo of what she caught! Very cool people who always had a drink to hand and one going spare!

The glamourous Mrs Pacheco with Chef Luis - maybe we need to get chef some higher heels!

Spicy empanadas

Chef Luis showing off his delicate vegetable quiches and the trophy in the backround.

Onion rings, hungry yet?

Lance and Cindy, looking very coordinated even with the rum punch!!!

The Kenyons return with their daughter, son-in-law and wonderful grandaughter Katy.

Sharon and Katie

I've been calling this young gentleman "Sunburn" since his arrival - a very deserved nickname! He gallantly gave over his quiz prize to Katy after he won the tie-breaker

The Croom family, with their twin boys

All the Pachecos! What a lively family - they are making my sides ache, it must be their Belizean sense of humour.

The Jerome family and friends, back again having a great time

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