Thursday, June 12, 2008

Dinner with the Hassmanns in Grand Colony

We've all heard those stories of people getting roaring drunk and waking up in the morning with a tattoo, well after a night with the Hassmann's one can see how that would be easily done! We thought it was going to be a very civilised evening being that they had hired a chef from Rico's to come and cook for them for the evening! Cindy woke up with 3 tattoos and I had 5, luckily for us they came off with a little vodka and some elbow grease! Here is the lead up to that point!

This little green guy is a travelling companion of these mad guys so keep an eye out for him!

The handsome Hassmann men with their lovely better halves and their green friend of course!

Our very own Francisco at the helm of the kitchen cooking up some culinary delights with shrimp as lobster isn't in season until next week! Why not have your own personal chef after a hard day hanging out in San Pedro, enjoy being waited on and learn a thing or two or three as in my case.

Umm the smells were devine and once we tasted that sauce we could vouch for why they won the Taste of Belize competition last week, Rico's has two of the best chefs on the island!

As with all great chefs it not only has to taste good but the presentation is the key and who doesn't want to tuck into that dish whilst your mouth is watering with anticipation!

So after dinner what is there to do? Ummm let's tattoo each other all over the place, so here we have Mr John Hassmann being very brave whilst his brother Mot (Tom spelt backwards of course) did the deed. A very good job he did too says all of us!

Well those of you that know me, I couldn't miss an opportunity and once I saw a couple of bald heads around me I had to decorate them! What good sports they both were and they are very tall men so not many people could actually see them! Shauna the new lady in Mot's life is loving every minute of this as you can see.

Ah ha captain! (Tom)

Now in her defense she comes from a very cold climate and it was her first trip to Belize so she thought it best to be prepared for all weathers! She fits in with this group 100%, hope to have her back next year!

My turn, once I had the first one, there was no stopping me and the next day I woke up with five new tattoos to add to my one permanent one. Don't worry mum, these ones will wash off.

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