Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Who can say no? Not me to a cutie! Meet Mr Puppy

Mr Puppy

Good morning from a rather damp paradise today as we have some major rain last night night and a bit of a storm out there.
After an evening spent with some guests in Pedros which was very quiet as he is away for a few days, I dropped off the Warburtons at Grand Colony and headed home. After passing Marinas, the wee grocery store round the corner from Banyan Bay and seeing a puppy wandering around all by himself I couldn't help but turn around, pick him up and head back to my place.
Jackie and Lisbon were very interested in their guest and wanted to sniff him to bits. He was thirsty and hungry so some food and water later he snuggles up in the corners of every room.
Now I never have had a puppy as I got my two at around at least a year old but knew he would be likely to pee and poop all night so he spent the night on the balcony all curled up in a blanket. I checked on him throughout the night and he was fine and seems happy this morning. How tempted am I to add to our family, however I always said two hands two dogs therefore it will be off to Saga later today to get him checked out and hopefully a new home. Look how cute Mr Puppy is.
A shout out to Kathy and Dan Furlotte who have been following this from Canada, hello to both of you and Kathy it is tomorrow that I will be a year older and wiser.

Jackie & Lisbon don't seem very impressed with Mr Puppy

Off to SAGA on the golf cart

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