Sunday, June 22, 2008

WE ARE WINNERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello to all our faithfull followers out there who have been waiting patiently to hear how we did at the lobster festival, well we WON best booth for 2008!
I think it certainly had something to do with our lobster hats as we could have sold them many times over and had so many pictures taken with us and other people wearing them. Here are a few of the photos from the planning sessions we had before hand to give you an idea of how we looked and the fun it was preparing for it all.
A huge shout out and massive thank you goes to our good friend Beth Hart from Rhode Island for getting us lots of this stuff ( we missed you this year Beth) and once again to Mr John Hassmann from Kentucky who brought it all to us!

Cindy, taco Paul and Sharon having a serious brainstorming session to come up with a name for our booth, it took over two hours and alot of giggles! Wait till you see what we came up with.
We knew we looked daft but wanted to see how Jackie looked in the hats also, umm not happy! Not sure what Cindy's other half was doing but we had been testing lots of cocktails.
Paul and Molly sitting very pretty in hers, even if the lobster looks squiffy!

The KISS, we are giving away free ones at our booth, they are chocolate though, wait till you see the lights all lit up, once again cheers Beth you the best for finding those for us!

Taco girl blogging even whilst we are doing things! That girl is THE BEST blogger ever, it is thanks to her that I have these pictures as just pinched them from her blog this morning.
Many more pictures to follow once Cindy and I get some sleep after the past few hetic days and get into work. Here goes another week of activities with a new crowd to deal with in paradise.

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