Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Time for a beer!

If ever there was time for a beer it would be after the past few days. I was out with the dogs this morning making up for their lack of walks and saw how the beaches stood up to Arthur.
You can check out my good friend Taco girls blog on http://www.tacogirlblog.blogspot.com/ as she has many pictures of the whole island, some beaches are worse than others and quite a few boats were damaged, however as always with any weather beaten situations everyone gets to it immediately and starts the clean up.
The rain has stopped now and the sun is desperately trying to come out so here's to another day in our lovely San Pedro.


hoket said...

well...I had a long message down but the stupid google f-ed it up. Look forward to more pics and glad that you are OK. Miss you and take care from the Hokes

Barnacle said...

hi,, checkin out the blog,, good job!
i got it book marked,,,

Rachel Hoke said...

Finally! It took me about 10 times to create a stupid google account! Love your page and glad everyone is OK. I guess based on your storms we will stick with our visits in May!!! XXX