Monday, February 1, 2010


Hello followers of Boydie which is pronounced Boydeeeeee not boy dies just for the record. This past week has been a unique one even for our lives here in San Pedro hence a lack of blogging.
As with all of our lives there have been some ups and downs, the downs this week have been the worst ones ever since living here for nearly six years.
We lost a lot of dogs over the weekend due to someone putting poison in a yard at the north end of the island. As most of you that come here are huge animal lovers I know you will understand how badly this has affected us all especially as they were pets of very close loved ones.
Saga and the vet have done and are doing a great job with the sick ones in the clinics so our thoughts are with those ones right now, more news on this as we know the accurate details.
I am heading to the UK today to see friends and family and sort out my house over there so there may be lots or little blogging.
I hope you are all well and promise to post asap cheers and TTFN.

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