Saturday, November 28, 2009

Apologies for complete lack of blogging!

Hello all you faithful followers out there, I am so sorry for the lack of blogging of late but I have a couple of very good reasons!
I just found out that I am pregnant! What the heck I hear you all gasp, ok I am not but the reasons are still very valid. ( he he I thought it was funny!)
Firstly a while back my computer started to play up and now quite a few keys are not working which is really a pain in the neck!
The two weeks ago at Cassidy's 21st birthday bash I dropped my camera and have broken the screen. So the two pieces of equipment needed to blog away are both knackered!
Last week some lovely guests of BBay and now good friends of mine brought me a new camera from the states and I am on the work laptop as it is Saturday and the girls are off. Therefore I promise you all that things are still good in paradise and I will get caught up very soon as I have a lot of material to play with. Hope you are all well, please stay in touch via this, email or face book and hurry back for a rum or a beer! Cheers and TTFN!


Wisecracker said...

So, Sharron-

a month ago you wanted things brought from the states. I'll be down in late December. Do you still need anything love?


Kathy said...

You had us going for a minute! Thought the wish list would include
Please post your real wish list and we will start shopping!
Dan and Kathy