Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Change of colour!

I cannot believe it has been so long since my last blog! Sounds like what you would say to a priest I would guess, never having gone to confession I wouldn't really know but I assume it's along those lines. Maybe that's where my parents went wrong all those years ago letting my sister and I choose our religion? Umm food for thought and maybe another blog, lets get back to this one.
There have been a lot of changes in my life here in San Pedro of late and the biggest one is that I am no longer working at Lime. Therefore there will not be as many green pictures as there used to be and I think we will be back to my previous favourite colour, which is blue.
While walking the wee furry ones this morning I knew I wanted lots of blue in my pictures so I grabbed the camera, my very faithful friends and headed off to the beautiful beaches we have here in Belize. I started here with these condos as friends of mine own here and they follow this blog so here you go guys, we are all still standing! ( You can't help but start singing the Elton John song at this point I know!)

To be honest it wasn't the brightest day to photograph but it was dry and the dogs are happy to be out in whatever the weather. This is just past Victoria house and Lisbon loves this area as there is so much to see, smell and pounce on. It is very rare that she doesn't end up giving the odd iguana a free ride up the beach-in her mouth I am afraid to say. She doesn't hurt them but I fear so may have a heart attack wondering if she will.

Never far from each other, this fearsome twosome are keen to explore everywhere.

The sea was pretty calm today so at least the trips will get to head out without too many problems.
Think I spoke too soon as it started to cloud over and looked like maybe taking the waterproof was a good move after all. I bought a couple of new ones whilst back in the UK in February as for those that have been there know, it is a wise move to have wet weather gear always to hand.

So what am I going to do now that I am no longer working at Lime I am being asked, well watch this space and you will find out.
Of late I have been clearing out my house which when you have a spare room full of the Humane Society fundraising gear in it can take quite some time. I have been clearing out cupboards of clothes and shoes and have been ruthless as we all know how we can accumulate way too much stuff. I have had some quality time with some friends here in San Pedro and the mainland, and of course some fantastic walks with Jackie and Lisbon.
I am off to the UK in September for my parents 50th wedding anniversary, which looks to be a two week affair. I have a lot of family and friends to catch up with and of course Kevin that those astute followers have gathered from this I have been with for the past six months.
I have so much material for blogging that you would think I would have them backed up so a big sorry for being so slack but guess what? I am back, Boydie Belize is raring to go so please stay tuned and tell me what you want to see from our little piece of paradise, cheers and TTFN.


Ruthie said...

I loved going on your walk today with the pups...thanks for sharing your pix.

Boydies Belize Blog said...

Good to hear from you Ruth, hugs to you both and Lisbon is wagging her tale too!

Rachel Hoke said...

hope to catch up today!

george said...

Mrs Blair and I just returned from England (our 55 th anniversary). Hope we don't lose contact with you since we think you are special


Anonymous said...


Chrystina said...

It's almost time to come see you again in warm and sunny Belize, Party Girl!!! We just got back from Disney World, so by the time Nov gets here we will be ready for the two weeks of rest on the beach and your smiling happy face!!! I love the pictures you post on your blog.
What are you doing now that you aren't at the Lime???

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