Thursday, August 13, 2009

Good morning San Pedro

Day off in paradise and it started on the right foot as can be seen by these pictures, who doesn't like a sunrise however many times we see them each one is different.

The dogs were very happy that our household was all up by 5am and on the go soon after, would they ever say no to a walk? Only when it is chucking it down!

My very good friend Christine and hairdresser just came back last week for an extended stay. She is going to look after the wee ones while I go away so has been coming out for a few walks to get the lie of the land and to suss out which dogs Lisbon has issues with!

We started off at Perla Escondida where my parents stayed earlier in the year which makes me think of them each and every day.

Check it out-picture postcard material or what?

Parents condo!

Christine was also taking a lot of shots but trying to keep an eye on trouble at the same time.

Christine was taking many shots of the girls ready for the lost and found posters she may have to make over the next couple of weeks! Bless her like I said this morning if you go out with 2 dogs in the morning and come home with 1 that is 50% which isn't too shabby and I do it all the time but luckily Lisbon trots into Lime for a treat!

Lisbon was like take a shot of my arse Christine as that is what you are going to see a lot of walking into the distance-he he!

All good so far but we have only been about five minutes.

It was a stunning morning until my camera gave up on me and needs re-charging, bit like me right now wish I had could plug myself in and keep going!

Time to get Searious and make the most of this day, the sun is up the dogs are walked and I need lots of tea to go about my day have a great one and TTFN.

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Gail said...

AMAZING pictures Sharon..
Yes, one can never see to many sunrises, especially those as beautiful as shown here.
Hopefully the dogs don't get the idea that Christine will be up that early every morning to take them for walks. :)
Wishing Christine all the best in her pet /house sitting duties and you a wonderful trip to recharge your batteries.
Take care. Gail