Friday, August 28, 2009

Hello from Venice

Caio people from the lovely Venice, I have decided not to even try and blog throughout this trip and will be posting many photos and the whole diary of this fantastic trip upon my return back to San Pedro Belize, please bear with me cheers for nowX

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Forrest said...

Hi Shazz - Well I finally made it back and this is just to let you know that, though you are sorely missed, the tapas night looked like it still came off swimmingly. And we are all glad that you are having such fun in Britannia and Italia. We expect an 8 week, university level, lecture series from you on Roman, Romanesque, and Renaissance architecture, when you return: Vintage claret and cake will be served, and all proceeds from attendance fees donated to SAGA, right? Meanwhile, give my very best to the senior Boyds; xo - Forrest