Saturday, August 8, 2009

Yard Sale against all elements!

Sunday 2nd August we tried to hold the Saga Yard Sale after postponing it at the last minute the weekend before.
Phil and Marie of Gecko Graphics, trying to locate the best place for them as she needs electric for her heavenly smoothies, however no-one told us for the second week in a row that there would be no power!
We have tents so far but no tables yet! Bless the council guys as they have to come out on a Sunday and set us up but their truck broke down!

Eli from Bottom Time was organizing things from her stall in the park bless her always on the go.

Wade always willing to help, he was moved spots about 4 or 5 times and never moaned once!

Our top guys were chasing up the tables as time was a ticking.

We need tables NOW!
My first purchase of the day was from this man who bought a stereo from me, very cool, may be the only one looking at that grey sky.

Matt was our hero as with him he brought a generator which Marie needed desperately, top guy and smiling so early on a Sunday morning.

Saga came along with some adorable kittens that were all adopted on the day, good job!

Laurie our resident vets dog Jambel always one to be seen at these events.

TP did tarot readings which were very good, she can be booked through us at Lime.

Marie was up and running with her generator pumping away in the background.

Phil had lit the barbe and had the beers on ice ready to feed the thirsty crowd, where are they all?
Ummm well this is why they postponed us last week as there was to be live wires hanging around the place and what about this week? Same all over again, only in Belize which is why we all love it so much eh?
Marie always has a very busy stand once she gets going, her only day off and we have her in the park making money for the furry ones!

Beth, another regular helper at all our events and still smiling even though she would love to be sat somewhere with a Lighthouse!

Wade one happy camper as always, can't think what or who would faze this man one little bit.

Gwen was a super trooper on the door collecting people's one dollar to come in which is novel but we raise a lot of money doing so and give them a free raffle ticket with their entry fee.

These ladies were from BC and selling new clothes when they weren't on the phone!

Who could resist these cuties?

Tyler from Sweet Basil (which is soon to have a face lift and be called something else) had a stall of some of Legend's stuff that he had outgrown, cool hat eh!

We had a bit of a crowd at one point and got all excited but then the heavens opened.

Jewels my good friend, Tyler's wife and Legend's mom and an all round great person to have!

Sell one drink one, time out for our boys!

Jo and her lovely daughter Naomi who is a wee cutie.

Time to pack up the Saga stand, well done gang a good result with animals adopted, t-shirts bought and donations given cheers one and all.

Beth was finding out what was to be in store for her.

What do you do with the stuff that didn't sell and you don't want to take it home? You put in in front of Central Park and tell people to help themselves!

Phil was a wee bit tired this Sunday

But man can he flip a burger or two! Thanks to Grant for a great barbe which was light as a feather, we missed him but he was here in spirit, well beer!

Yes that would be my Lisbon who came wandering into Central park which I couldn't work out how till I got home and found a bloody great hole under the fence!

Time for the famous raffle, grabbed a couple of great animal lovers to do this important job.

There were 3 to draw for.

This little lovely is such a girl after my own heart, check her out eating Marie's decadent chocolate and peanut butter squares.

I looked just like her but am the one with the camera! Maybe made slightly less mess also.

We were all packed up and headed home after dropping off some stuff at Lime.

Time for some R and R in the hammock.

Also in the pool with a couple of well deserved beers, it wasn't our best event to date but we made $815.00bz for Saga so it all counts and hell what else is there to do in paradise on a Sunday?
Thanks to all the followers out there that generously donate time, energy and money to San Pedro's Humane Society. We are nearly ready to build our isolation unit and continue on our mission of helping the animals of San pedro one step at a time, cheers and TTFN.

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