Friday, August 28, 2009

Hello from Venice

Caio people from the lovely Venice, I have decided not to even try and blog throughout this trip and will be posting many photos and the whole diary of this fantastic trip upon my return back to San Pedro Belize, please bear with me cheers for nowX

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hello from Rome

Just a quickie to let all my faithful followers know that I am alive and well and am travelling around Europe for a couple of weeks with my good friend Racquel. We are in Rome right now and spent yesterday at the colosseo and many other spectacular sights many photos to follow caio for now!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Where is Sharon in the world today?

Sunny England visiting friends and family with her good friend Racquel Phillips! Many funny photos to follow! Yes there has been lots of beer and cake so far!
Tomorrows dietary intake will be involving lots of pasta and pizza why you ask? Because we are off to Italy! Many many photos to follow of our travels cheers to one and all from Blighty!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Appetizer cook off in Lime

Here we go again and it's all hands to the deck especially for this cook off. Where does the time go from one month to the next? We announced this one five weeks ago and here came the 14th. The lovely Natasha looking super sexy today in that wee dress was trying to blow the many balloons needed to tell San Pedro we were partying again at Lime.

Thanks goodness for our great team as when we were going to be short some dishes our girls came up trumps and all put in a dish (except for me of course as we all know about my cooking)!

The lovely Ann is helping out at Portofino while Jan and Sandra are away and she brought in their entry.
This smiler delivered Sunset Grill's.

Are we blessed or what? They are still smiling and happy even in the heat of our wee kitchen. Karen gets on with it whatever the temperature and the lovely Milly helps wherever needed and Lucy well what can we say about that little tinker!

I am sorry for the following pictures as they are sure to make you drool and believe me they not only looked good but tasted delicious too.

Some traditional favorites as in deviled eggs and then more Belizien dishes which included plantain.

These are our new special that we serve at Lime on Tuesday evenings and they are called Flautas which are fried tortillas and they are so good!

All lined up and very nearly ready to be eaten just a dish or two more and some photos before it all disappears!
Two very stylish women to add some glamor to the event.

Here we go we are off and people are keen to taste.

They were queuing out the door, all in a good cause so no-one was loaning bless them.

The paper was here to support us and hopefully do a great write up as usual.

Who is this plonker pulling the silly face? The one and only Phil, hope the wind changes! Makes the girls look even cuter than normal, Marie and Christine who are both great food critics so we value their votes.
Ummm this is why we ran out of food so quickly, people were eating it and getting more eh Doug? We need to have stricter people at the dishes next time with a whip!

Lime's slyder's which were a hit and a very good friend of our came to the rescue with convenience store nachos. This was to help us out when they heard we had been let down by a few people and I was stressing. You know who you are and I thank you very much.

Lovely to be surrounded by good people that always come out to support the cause especially when it's the Saga Humane Society.

The lovely Ann again.

Amanda of Sunrise Reality came with her beautiful daughters who look to be taller than mom!

Lori happy to be back in Belize after her extended trip to the UK to see her new nephew.

This lovely lady is the queen of cook offs and promised to be in the next one which would be great as she is a fantastic cook.

Rodrigo got a new hat and is very proud of it, looks good too but don't tell him.

The uptown girls!

That's more like it, she is much prettier when she smiles and this makes up for the earlier shot which she really won't like., but hey I will be gone by the time she sees it! He he

JD, formally known as Shrek, now known as little Shrek!

Lovely family, big animal lovers who plan to come back each and every year to hang out with us.

It didn't take long for the dishes to start to empty and people to think about a winner.

Crazy strange boy in that hat again! Check out the big screen in time for the football season, oh what joy! Shame I will miss 3 weeks of it eh!

The bar was hopping too, it was a great atmosphere all round as it's the weekend everyone got some good food and hung out with good people!

The lovely Natasha and I after yet another busy cook off, why do we do it? Because we love being busy and having fun that's why!

These guys were waiting to see who the winner was this month and to see if they won the M and M's
You know how it goes as in a house party everyone congregates in the kitchen at Lime Bar and Grill they hang out outside.

This family were very dissapointed to have to go and eat somewhere else as they came at 7.30pm and the food was nearly all gone. Note for all for the future these events start at 6pm so come early to avoid missign out.

Time to count the votes and for me to taste the dishes which luckily I grabbed at the beginning and hid in a to go container. Thanks to Beth for helping with this task.

Poor Christine was actually trying to hear the person on the other end of the phone with a full bar and sitting next to the dolcid tones of JD and Marie!

Who put me in charge? Oh yes me of course! The Ipod goes to? Tanya from Wild Mangoes who did the Filo pastry filled with Chicken and lots of other scrummy things!

Second and third place go to? Second was Portofino's Fish Ceviche and third was Canadian Sharon for her cheesey dip thingy.

This lovely family won the raffle and a lunch up at Belizien Shores.

How many M and M's were in the palm tree? 530, and I knwo cause I counted them all one by one and the winner was Dino.

Not sure what I was doing here but bossing someone or something no doubt!

I thought this was a funny picture with Richard in the foreground and some big guy on the screen in the backround.
There were free jello shots which if they had a letter on the bottom gave you a free shot of Jager or Tequilla so here goes this brave boy with a Jager.

Tanya came by after work to claim her Ipod shuffle. This was given to us by the lovely Hassmann family from Kentucky to use for our fundraising, so a huge thanks to them along with all the great people that supported this event. We raised $735.00bz on the food and $137.00 on the M and M's which were given by Racquel Phillips my good friend from Chicago.

The next fundraising cook off is to be Friday 25th of September and will be Tradiotional Belizien dishes which ties in out Belize Independance day so be there as you all know it aint happening unless it's happening in Lime.