Saturday, May 15, 2010

May's Cook Off

Here we go again, another fantastic night ahead in Lime. This is where the community of San Pedro come out in force, create some great dishes and help to raise some money for local charities.
We have Laura Sutton who lives here in Belize and was very keen to enter her stuffed pork with Vodka and tomato sauce. She was very promt too which I am sure will change after a while!

Matt and Jo King from the Roadkill Bar were also nice and early to drop of their Beef Bourguignon.
Tanya of Lime welcoming our favourite youngster Legend the name sake of Legend's burger joint north of San Pedro.
Time to make your mouth water-warning do not go any further if you are at all hungry!

There is no mistaking that smile, the lovely Tanya aka Tizzler was in charge of desserts.

Our ever faithful helpers, the lovely Christine, Tanya and Laura who not only cooked a dish but helped to serve them also.
Once we kicked off people were happy to come and taste the scrummy offerings this month.

Jo is always happy to add a smile and glamor at any given opportunity. Next month if you have your Saga Humane Society calendar you will see her on display for a whole 30 days!

Deep in conversation about what they have just tasted, Peter Jones on the right put in a very potent fruit salad.
Still they came, the papers on the other side of the camera for a change.

Christine surrounded by some of her favorite men! Wow a variation of suntans amongst that group eh?

Jamilla and some of her gang who were hoping to win and donate the money to the local football team, the Seadogs.
Time to work out the winners of this alcohol cook off.

Jamilla came thundering through to take first place with her Chicken in coffee and Kahlua, winning an Ipod shuffle and $450.00bz for the Seadogs.

I am not sure what I am doing here but luckily Phil is nearby to keep the crowd quiet and make me heard=like I need help!

Second place was the lovely Laura with her stuffed pork in Vodka and Tomato sauce.

Matt King was one vote away from second place, lets hope he enters again as that man can cook.

Ok I know it's silly but it made us smile to dress poor Ella up, you know Lisbon and Jackie get put through this from time to time. She doesn't look too pleased though and neither would Phil so they were taken off pretty quickly.

There was a lot of love going around tonight after some good food good people the odd drink or two it was time to hug the one closest, Tanya and Helda, bossom buddies!

It was another successful cook off so now onto the next one, June 12th and the theme is Mediterranean. Grab your cook books or get google on it or your best friends, be the next winner of the Lime challenge.

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