Thursday, May 6, 2010

Days off in paradise!

So a day off in paradise and what is one to do? Luckily for us our good friend Forrest has a Hoby Cat and offered to take us out on it. So we packed a few beers a change of clothes and away we went.
When you live in paradise you don't appreciate it enough but on this fine day we got the chance to be on that beautiful clear blue sea.

Our fine captain Forrest who had 3 very willing assistants, not sure how able we were by the end of it but our enthusiasm was there for sure.

Kevin and I were happy to let Christine and Forrest show us how it's done while we kept everyone in beers.
We headed up north of the island to Belizen Shores as they have the coolest pool with a swim up bar.

We pulled up at their dock very smoothly and tied our ride up for a few hours while we checked out the pool and bar!
The crew!
After a couple of leisurely hours it was time to head back to base camp, McFeeley was feeling very mellow and in holiday mode.

Look no hands this baby rides herself!

Two BFF's happy to be out at sea for a few hours.

I can sail too and make it look so easy! Check out those sea fairing legs!

We know we are in capable hands when out with Forrest as he has lots of practice now and know how this lady handles!
This picture needs some explaining but lets just say it has to do with running along the beaches of San Pedro and being the bionic women.

Anyone would think that we had just had a great day, hang on we did, great weather for sailing great people to hang out with and some great drinks to help the day along.

Like I said some fantastic people to hang out with helps to make it another perfect day in paradise.


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