Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday afternoons? Crazy Canucks!

Sunday afternoons can be relaxing after a hard week/weekend and getting ready for the new week ahead. Or as can be seen by my two furry friends chilling out on the sofa if I am not watching and just taking it easy.

Well the cheeky white one sneaks on the sofa whilst Lisbon knows what her bed is for.

The adults in San Pedro however head to Crazy Canucks to hear the music, hang out with some friends we may not have seen all week and sometimes get on the dance floor.

This particular Sunday either the music was extra good or the measures were as I didn't sit still for very long.
There were a great crowd of women this Sunday who also felt the need to keep on moving.

Unbeknown to me my photographer Kevin kept on snapping away.

Crazy Canucks is right on the beach with the fantastic restaurant Blue Iguana upstairs so you don't need to move anywhere else for a few hours.

Keith and his band really mix it up and once again if you have musical talents you just get up there and join them.
I like this picture of the lovely Marie and her other half Phil ( not always as lovely) who more often than not makes silly faces when there is a camera about.

A great way to finish of the weekend ready for another tough week in paradise, TTFN.


Rain Barrel dot CA said...

wow, great site!

Ɓukasz said...

Great party as I can see :)