Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saga Humane Society has a new vet

Here she is the lovely Lauren Henckel, our long awaited for Saga Humane Society vet, along with her dog Chiquita. They are both happy to be here and are spending a few quiet days getting their bearings. We are so happy that they are here and are going to do our utmost to keep them both smiling.
Here is the wonderful Ingrid, who is the office manager of Saga and has been a very hard working employee for nearly nine years.

Myself new to the board and Lori who is on the board, very happy to have the breeze messing up our hair tonight.
Grant who was the fund raising man on the board has now jumped over to maintenance as I have been elected to fill that post.

Ari who is also on the board was deep in conversation about Grants which is her domain.

The lovely Kathy who owns Pampered Paws and has also been on the board for many years and has kept Saga going and made it as strong as it is today.

Katie and her partner George, She is the chairperson of Saga and does an amazing amount for the community and especially the animals. I believe she has fostered over 100 puppies to date.

We spent the evening at The Blue Iguana and all had some fabulous food as always. A few of the gang had the special which was this combo of Fillet Mignon and shrimp.

I had the stuffed chicken breast with bacon and cheese which is divine and a side of cucumber salad.
A few others had the pasta and shrimp which has a wee kick, served with garlic bread.

I gave them time to pose for a change and look how they glow.

The whole gang having a very happy night out as it has been a stressful few months for the board getting someone and making sure it will be a goof fit for everyone.

This four legged member of the team seemed to be pretty happy now also. Chiquita loves the water so knows where she is going to have some fun here in San Pedro.

A group shot of most of the board, we are just missing Heidi in this photo. Saga has been serving San Pedro for over ten years now and with this crowd of strong positive people it will continue for another ten. Thanks to all the people that support it from near and far logs of wagging tales at you.

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