Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday is a day for football in San Pedro

Sunday is the day for football and being in San Pedro is no exception. Here we have Kevin who supports Tottenham so we had them on the big screen so that we could have a hearty breakfast and shout for his team at the same time. (don't ask about the outcome as this wasn't their best game)
I had to add this shot as I like it so much, Kevin did some running around in between our busy schedule which included dropping the dogs off. People say I drive fast well look at that shot and tell me he didn't stop just as quickly as I take off!

So back to football and usually people meet at Caribbean Villas as they do a great Sunday barbecue to set you up for the afternoon of a couple of beers. I had been giving out Cadbury Cream Eggs as watching people to see how they ate theirs.

It's another tough day in paradise and you know it's a chore but we do seem to do it pretty well.

Myself and Christine
This little fluffy thing was on the beach hanging out with a local lad so we grabbed him, gave him a drink some water and lots of cuddles.

We got there just in time as the game was just starting, it was San Pedro's Salty Dogs and the BDF who are the reining champions.

Marie gets right in there like the London girl she is.

Her dog Ella is never far away but looking none to please this week as it is rather warm.

Following the game now as it got a bit more exciting.

Phil is up there shouting out some constructive criticism, if that's what you call it.

Myself and JD supporting our team with a drink or two.

The police are there but to be honest there is very little trouble usually.

Bless these guys playing on that pitch and in the heat of Belize, they do really well just to keep running.
Not quite an English game but we all got into the spirit of it and had a great afternoon. For just $10.00bz entry fee which goes towards the teams costs it is a fun time spent in a local environment. There are beers and food to be bough and all profits go to the football club so why wouldn't you pop along and support the people in San Pedro. They didn't win this week but played well.

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