Saturday, April 10, 2010

Lime does Indian again!

Here we go another Friday comes at us and due to popular demand we arranged another Indian night in Lime as the last one was such a hit. Of course there is a raffle for Saga Humane Society and thanks to some good people in the UK I was sent lots of Cadbury's chocolate for Easter so threw this wee hamper together. The raffle will be drawn Friday 16th at the cook off in Lime so still time to buy a ticket or two.

Some very lovely regulars happy that it is the weekend by the looks of things.

I couldn't leave the guys out so here we have the dream team of San Pedro (well it is early so the contenders will get better as the night goes on)!

Cassidy and I always have time to pose and drum up a smile or two, we love Friday's as there is always something going on and it starts off the weekend.,

The lovely Ruddy came in for some Indian as he likes his food and women HOT! Here he is lucky enough to get close to the lovely Christine who has been sprucing us all up this week in the hair department.
Piku putting the finishing touches to the dishes and lighting up ready to go.

It is amazing how we can change the Lime Tour Centre into looking like this with a bit of furniture and lighting, looks like a restaurant.

Piku's mum oversees everything and was assuring me how good this dessert was.

Son and very proud mother who has got two lovely boys for sure.

Check it out, some of our favourites, Chicken Kurma and Lamb Curry.

The Samosas were so good we had people want to but any left overs at the end of the night.

Salad, Lollipop Chicken and the very spicy carrots and onions.

Sam the other son had been busy with his staff most of the day ensuring tonight would be a success.
A fair crowd came
Doug and Chris were quiet for about 20 minutes while they devoured their meals.

Peter Jones always keen to come to these events as he stocks up like a hamster.

Some people had it to go and then wishes they could eat it straight away instead of having to head home.
Peter Jones was lucky in that I had saved a Cadbury's cream egg for him and he was taking his time and savouring it.
Piku brought this naughty little number for everyone to try this evening. Luckily I am not drinking for a month to win a bet so I was let off the following hangover it caused a few people.

The sales pitch was that is was nothing like Jagermeister, it did smell of blackcurrant and I was told it tasted ok at the time.

Phil n Marie shared theirs and still weren't too keen on it as the faces show.

So another fun Friday night in Lime, not too crazy but most of us are still recovering from the Easter weekend. Four days of hanging out with good people sharing too many drinks and having way too much fun!

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