Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sunset cruise, great birthday surprise!

A sunny Sunday afternoon a group of good friends and a birthday surprise makes for a fabulous sunset cruise. On the right in the picture is Kevin who is good buddies with Mick on the left who runs Playa Lounge bar on the beach. Kevin came in November last year after promising to for five years and fell in love with the place and the people so came back again in March to celebrate his birthday with us.

Here we have Jeovanni our chef at Lime and the lovely Joelly who works at Mischief clothes store over the road from Lime. Chilled out or what?

Some of the usual A listers were here to join in the fun, also in the black cap was Star who came for the weekend to party. A great group of people who always have a great time together.

Cheers says Piku who is a new addition to the gang, another good egg up for a laugh and night out.
Does this come across as how mellow it really was. We had quite a few on this trip as normally it should be a max of 26 for a private charter but so many people wanted to join in that we had 32 of us. You can find a quiet spot and take in the moment or you can mix with the rest of them.
The big drinkers stayed at the back of the boat so that they had quick access to the alcohol, oh look there's JD!
It makes a change for Forrest not to be the captain as he has a Hoby Cat that he takes us out on on days off. This time he gets to drink and not worry about the oncoming traffic! By the way that is just juice in my sippy cup! Ok there may be a splash of vodka in there also but one lasted the whole cruise.
Jimjam is usually snuggled up to one of us ladies and this time it was Lisa from Playa Lounge, stood next to the lovely couple that own the Rainforrest Rum cakes.

This is myself and Jill Leslie who owns the boat along with her husband Martin. There are a few companies in San Pedro that have Catamaran's and we go out with all of them but this was the first with this gang. Jill has a beauty salon also where we all get our manicures and pedicures.

Another member of the Leslie family who is actually a pilot for Tropic Air but lends a hand when they need him.
Here we have the captain Martin Leslie who is used to putting up with lots of women telling him what to do bless!
Beth and Denise had two of the best seats in the house and were very happy to take in the view.

Wade The Gringo as he is fondly known as, so cool that they named a burger after him but that is another blog!
Ahh what a cute couple you think?

The food was exceptional as you can see people were more interested in that than posing for a change.
Jd and Madame in the same place at the same time which is quite a rare occurrence, neither one of them ended up over board so it was quite a good result.

There's that couple again!

I love this one of Jamilla and I and am so blessed to have her and Jimjam in my life. they are my family in San Pedro.
He gets around that boy eh!

What a ladies man!
My BFF, hairdresser and house mate, another person in our family in SP.

This is an arty picture of Cassidy that Kevin took, she was seriously chilled out on the bean bags and loving every minute. This was her first sunset cruise in nearly two years of living here and now she wants to go on them all the time.

The sunset has been better but you get the idea and the sky was stunning.

The lovely Kim at the front who works for Caldwell Banker and is one of our real estate people when we need to refer to one.

Collete and Maya, need I say anymore except they are a pair of monkeys and so much fun to be around.
Ummm original hair day for sure.

The lovely Dana, Grant's wife and Jamilla ready to get back onto dry land.

The party continued at Wet Willy's where the boat is docked so JD aka twinkle toes took to the floor and kept us all amused.

Oh go on then lets all have a few more beers!

Anyone would think that we were having a good time this Sunday afternoon.

Time for cake, thanks to Beth who made it for JD and Kevin as we had the two birthdays in the last few days to celebrate. Jimjam's belly nearly got set alight as it is sooo big right now!

Check out these two buddies, one may be Scottish and the other English but when it comes to cake they can unite. Now if it were football that would be another matter all together.

Come on you two you know you have a lot of hot air between you both.

They did it and I am sure their wish was to do this all over again next Sunday, sorry boys you will have to wait till next year. We need to recover and work off all that cake.

Sunset cruises go all the time and are a lovely way to spend a few hours early in the evening. They can be booked privately also for any occasion so bear that in mind for your next visit to us here in San Pedro, Belize cheers and TTFN.

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