Friday, April 16, 2010

Kim's birthday blast!

Wednesday night saw another birthday that needed to be celebrated in San Pedro, here we have the lovely Kim who works for Caldwell Banker on the island.

The lovely Matt and Jo that own the Roadkill along with Robbie and Helda, what a cute couple these pair are.
You know me and dogs, you can always find one at any event, these two match each other perfectly.
The fantastic Elizabeth who not only bartends here but has the best voice on the island, she needs to be talent spotted.
The girls all out to play and happy to pose for the camera, check out those smiles we must like living here.
Kim and drummer Dan getting in the party mood, some of us wouldn't spoil our hair but he has very little to worry about.
Wade the Gringo, Kathy and Christine all out on a school night and adding some spirit to the night.
Kim and Kathy or the two K's as they are fondly known as, they share a house and are often called the wrong names.
Drummer Dan made up for me not wanting to wear mine.

Kim was called up on stage thinking oh no I don't want to sing but Doug did that for her and led us into Happy Birthday.
My favourite time of the night, let there be cake and a few candles thrown in for good measure.

Thanks to Beth Hart who is now the number one cake maker in our group, we have a chocolate little number to sample.
Kim cut the first slice and made a wish, I wonder what it was? She has family visiting this week so it has been extra special.
There always seems to be a party going on here on Ambergris Caye and an excuse to get together have a beer or two and piece of cake. Roadkill is a great spot to be at on a Wednesday evening as it is Karaoke so you know there will be a few laughs to be had and an all round good night, cheers for now.

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