Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday afternoons? Crazy Canucks!

Sunday afternoons can be relaxing after a hard week/weekend and getting ready for the new week ahead. Or as can be seen by my two furry friends chilling out on the sofa if I am not watching and just taking it easy.

Well the cheeky white one sneaks on the sofa whilst Lisbon knows what her bed is for.

The adults in San Pedro however head to Crazy Canucks to hear the music, hang out with some friends we may not have seen all week and sometimes get on the dance floor.

This particular Sunday either the music was extra good or the measures were as I didn't sit still for very long.
There were a great crowd of women this Sunday who also felt the need to keep on moving.

Unbeknown to me my photographer Kevin kept on snapping away.

Crazy Canucks is right on the beach with the fantastic restaurant Blue Iguana upstairs so you don't need to move anywhere else for a few hours.

Keith and his band really mix it up and once again if you have musical talents you just get up there and join them.
I like this picture of the lovely Marie and her other half Phil ( not always as lovely) who more often than not makes silly faces when there is a camera about.

A great way to finish of the weekend ready for another tough week in paradise, TTFN.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

North of San Pedro

So another day off in San Pedro and the plans this week were to go north of the island up to Playa Blanca and hang out for a couple of days. This is a rental property that can house large groups and comes with your own fishing guide. My good friend Beth had some work to do and needed some peace and quiet to do it in. Why take me along I hear you say, I was very good and stayed out of the way and in the sun.

It is very private with this wall all the way around it so you can topless sunbathe if you like. I would suggest you use a very high factor unlike some people we know who forgot how strong the sun can be here in Belize, even on a windy day it is fierce.

It is situated in a very quiet area, not too many neighbors on either side.

Isn't this is what it is all about, chilling out on the end of the dock just watching the odd boat go by.
What is one to do, have a lovely dinner cooked by one of your BFF's and then have a glass or two of vino.
The kitchen is completely decked out to cook whatever you have and fancy. Beth had been shopping before we left town and have the ingredients of a fabulous meal.

Next day we took a stroll next door for lunch as Beth had been at it for hours, as you can see another clear day in SP.

Poor Beth had to pose regularly as there was only the two of us and a few four legged friends along the way.
Well it was sort of beer but a shandy which doesn't really count as drinking during the day in my book as even Mrs Boyd does partake in these on a hot sunny day in England! Beer and sprite mixed with ice is perfect when you want something refreshing but don't want to get knocked out.

Where there are people, food and cosy sofas you will find the odd hound or two or three as in Rojo's case.
These guys just appeared out of no-where and seemed to know that we were big dog lovers.

Chilled out or what?
Beth loved this cheeky little character too.

Rush hour
OMG will they clash?
Think they have done this before, once or twice?

Conch fritters, all very yummy if you like conch which I don't but many do. Soon we will be having lobster ones again, now that is appealing.

Check out this guys face, he really is smiling, I had just fed him a lot of pork so you know he is a happy dog right now.
This wee Gremlin also got fed as I remembered that I don't really like pork and the panini was full of it, not for long.
Another furry friend came along but too late for lunch.

And another one.
Check this guy out, he knows where to be cool and shaded from the sun, wish I had been so sensible.
This was my view the next morning while waiting for the boat taxi to take me back into town. Is that not just the best start to any day of the week?

It made up for having to get up so early and catch the 6.00am one to be in for work on time.

Ok I'm up but not really too awake.

Sun's up, ta ta for now Playa Blanca.

No-one else around.
Even though we were on the same island just going up north for a couple of nights was a great break. How lucky are we that this is what we get to see each and every day, it takes a day out to appreciate it but for sure life can be good in Belize.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

May's Cook Off

Here we go again, another fantastic night ahead in Lime. This is where the community of San Pedro come out in force, create some great dishes and help to raise some money for local charities.
We have Laura Sutton who lives here in Belize and was very keen to enter her stuffed pork with Vodka and tomato sauce. She was very promt too which I am sure will change after a while!

Matt and Jo King from the Roadkill Bar were also nice and early to drop of their Beef Bourguignon.
Tanya of Lime welcoming our favourite youngster Legend the name sake of Legend's burger joint north of San Pedro.
Time to make your mouth water-warning do not go any further if you are at all hungry!

There is no mistaking that smile, the lovely Tanya aka Tizzler was in charge of desserts.

Our ever faithful helpers, the lovely Christine, Tanya and Laura who not only cooked a dish but helped to serve them also.
Once we kicked off people were happy to come and taste the scrummy offerings this month.

Jo is always happy to add a smile and glamor at any given opportunity. Next month if you have your Saga Humane Society calendar you will see her on display for a whole 30 days!

Deep in conversation about what they have just tasted, Peter Jones on the right put in a very potent fruit salad.
Still they came, the papers on the other side of the camera for a change.

Christine surrounded by some of her favorite men! Wow a variation of suntans amongst that group eh?

Jamilla and some of her gang who were hoping to win and donate the money to the local football team, the Seadogs.
Time to work out the winners of this alcohol cook off.

Jamilla came thundering through to take first place with her Chicken in coffee and Kahlua, winning an Ipod shuffle and $450.00bz for the Seadogs.

I am not sure what I am doing here but luckily Phil is nearby to keep the crowd quiet and make me heard=like I need help!

Second place was the lovely Laura with her stuffed pork in Vodka and Tomato sauce.

Matt King was one vote away from second place, lets hope he enters again as that man can cook.

Ok I know it's silly but it made us smile to dress poor Ella up, you know Lisbon and Jackie get put through this from time to time. She doesn't look too pleased though and neither would Phil so they were taken off pretty quickly.

There was a lot of love going around tonight after some good food good people the odd drink or two it was time to hug the one closest, Tanya and Helda, bossom buddies!

It was another successful cook off so now onto the next one, June 12th and the theme is Mediterranean. Grab your cook books or get google on it or your best friends, be the next winner of the Lime challenge.