Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Appreciation dinner for Saga Humane Society

I was privileged to be invited to an appreciation dinner for people that have been involved with the Saga Humane Society this year. Our host was Valerie Gilbert who is a frequent visitor to San Pedro and has been very involved with Saga for many years.

Valerie chose Hidden treasure as the venue, all the present board members were there, all the Saga staff including volunteers and one or two others. As can be seen there was a crowd of about 20 of us, some familiar faces and some new ones too. Grant looks very happy as he finds himself surrounded by lots of women which is often the case as he is the only male board member.

Deep in conversation, it was lovely to be out together socially and not at a meeting or a fundraising event. It gave us a chance to get to know each other much better and talk without animals climbing all over us.

This was the naughty end of the group, needless to say I am at the other end with all the quiet grown ups!

Hidden Treasure is a great restaurant that can easily cope with big groups, you need to tell them if you are a bunch of wino's as we drank them dry of Shiraz and Merlot!

The two Mary's as these ladies are fondly known, Mary H on the left and Mary P on the right who has just stepped down from the Saga board. She worked tirelessly as a volunteer for over 8 years and helped Saga to survive all that time with little resources or money.

Ari, another Saga board member and myself, prior to drinking a wee bit too much red wine!

Ari and her fun loving hubby Caco, what a cute couple who have equally cute children.

Katie the chairperson of Saga made some speeches.

She had quite a few people that she wanted to thank, however she needs a pat bigger than everyone for keeping this strong team together in a very tough year.

Check out those local beauties, Kathy in the black owns pampered paws, next to her the lovely Ingrid who runs Saga and her right hand person. Seeing these ladies away from the clinic was great as they all scrub up really well!

Check it out total glamour.

The two Mary's!

Time to eat and I had the fish which was came with excellent coconut rice and steamed vegetables.

I was told that the ribs were very good but it is never something I would never order so wouldn't know.My new drinking buddy who is way too much fun, we need a night out on the town together!

My fellow Brit at the table.

Anyone would think we were having a great time!

Catching up with Val as now that I am at Lime I don't get to see her as much as when I was working at BBay.

I have known Val and her hubby Tom for a few years now and we are blessed at how generous they are to the people and animals of San Pedro.

A lovely evening was had by all and it was great to see a such a large crowd of people with the same mind set and aim, which is the well fare of the animals of San Pedro-CHEERS!

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