Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Eve in San Pedro Belize 2010

Here they are Bob and Pauline back for some R and R and hopefully some sun if it comes out to play some time soon!
No-one has aged a bit we all said, a bit older and wiser hopefully!

Just like all out guests they were treated to a BOGOF drink upon their arrival, Buy One Get One Free, Lime punch!
We started the night off by celebrating the British New Year so a load of Brits met at the Catamaran Bar at Caribbean Villas to count down and in 2010. Here is Graham and Ruth than run CV and hosted us for the second annual event.

A very tired Sharon who rushed straight from Lime and Beth, not a Brit but one of our group and an honorary one.

Some of the brat pack-oh I meant Brit pack! John, Chris, good Peter and Grant.

Tracey and Craig who are South African, well Tracey is dual but again they are counted in the group and speak with a strange accent so why not!

What can I say, apart from Phil and Marie are defineately British and Jimjam well we had better not go there-he he!
Helda and the girls!
Shaz n Trac!
From CV it was onto the new restaurant The Blue Igauna for some nibbly bits. Check out Tracey's tiara it flashed all night long.

They have a well stocked and spacious bar with a tv to watch while you wait for take away.

Christine, who will not like this photo but it is the only one I have of her all night to prove she was there. The restaurant was pretty full, many people had the same idea as to lining the stomach before too much alcohol.

Fiona joined us with her family, she is a Brit but hubby and daughter are not, good fun though.

The restaurant is above the beach bar Crazy Cannucks.

They were barbequing on the beach as well as the full menu.

Here we go it wouldn't be one of my blogs out to eat without some photos of the food eh! Here we have the crab cakes which were rather nice.
This was the surf n turf I think, red meat so not my thing but again was told it was good.

I had the chicken salad with blue cheese and that was very good.
Phil had the pork chops which came with proper baked beans so he was super happy!

Think this was Lobster of some discription again told it was good.

The restaurant is very airy and has a great atmostphere, they can seat large or small groups and we were ten and all got our food at the same time which was good as it was full.
Craig's head?
Myself and a cheeky Charlie that I had met earlier in the day who keeps turning up everywhere, well it is a small island.

He is very happy to be here in San Pedro and has been hearing about it for a whole year as his parents came before but without him.

I don't remember what this face was about but am used to Phil pulling some cracking ones so who knows, Maries happy so that's ok.
Trying not to pull a silly face, I weas very happy with my tasteful hairpiece from Tracey, she had us all kitted out.
This is one of the owners and I believe the chef, either way he is lovely and rather cute too and very tall!
We all loved this amazing piece of art, an Iguana carved in wood which is the centre piece, only in Belize.
There are more pictures to follow as of course we went on from here but I need to borrow them of other peoples cameras so stay tuned and once again happy new year gang and for those not here right now hurry back asap, cheers and TTFN.

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