Saturday, December 26, 2009

Camera raffle for Saga Humane Society

This picture needs some explaining huh? Ari the lady on my left is on the Humane Society board and she pops into Lime to say hi quite often. We had been meaning to go and put up a sign directing people to the Humane Society for ages and this one morning, Christmas week of course she stops by with a power tool! We look like we are ready to take someone on eh ,off we go and attach the sign to the post it had been on, straight and secure no! On and facing the correct way yes!This building in the reason for all our fundraising this year for the Humane Society, we have been in need of an Isolation Unit which is now near completion. It will also double up as a hurricane shelter for the cats if need be. We should be open in the new year then it is onto the next project for Saga.

FOTHS stands for Friends Of The Humane Society for those that don't know and if you would like to be included in this group you can email me and be added to it.

This is next door to the Iso unit which is called Fort Dog and is the home of the dogs and puppies which are up for adoption. People visiting the island can come along and walk or play with these guys and get a fix of what they are missing from their loved ones back home.
Check out these sweet hearts! There were 8 wee fluffy ones hanging out in a pen when we stopped by the Humane Society Clinic the same day, I dare anyone who says they wouldn't have stopped and played with them all! I wish I hadn't been wearing a white top though as it didn't stay white for long!
This was the loudest one of them all and really wanted to be noticed and held and loved.

OMG I wanted to take home all of them.

What a noise they all made but they were so happy playing around with each other, outside safe and secure.
Take me home with you these eyes were telling us, luckily after face booking some of these pictures I know two of them are about to have a very lovely new home here on the island.
So time to draw the raffle for the Fuji digital camera that was donated by our lovely couple Samuel and Angela Hicks. We raised $560.00bz and as it was Christmas Eve time to make somebodies day. Richard below hadn't bought a ticket so we chose him to do the draw. Beth on hand to over see that all is being done properly.
Ok the winning ticket is yellow! They are all yellow you muppet Shaz now get on with it.
Can you see your name on there somewhere? Grant in the back round is on the Saga Board also as fundraising director so never far from any of the events we do.

I am calling the lucky person to give them the good news but where are they, no answer?
Here is that person who said she never wins anything in raffles, until now that is. The lucky winner was Jamilla Janmohamed who supports every fund raising event we have and is a generous person in every way. Lets hope she snaps some very happy times with this and that her luck continues.

We wrapped it up and gave it to Jamilla on Christmas day. For all the lovely and generous people that follow this blog and want to support our Saga Humane Society which is run for love and not money and want to help then please email me at We are always in need of things for the shelter or can use gifts for our fundraising events, thank you from all of us and our four legged furry friends.

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