Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Pelican Properties Christmas Party

Being as I pop into Pelican Properties most days to see Grant and hand over money for our fundraising account I was invited to their Christmas party at Banana Beach.

Chris Alnett is a top man not only because he is British but he is very respected within the real estate circle in San Pedro. He is known for his professionalism and honesty and for being an all round good guy. Here we have him thanking our hosts the new owners of Banana's, his staff and some top clients oh and me for just being there, and the odd doughnut on a Wednesday

For a small office he had a good size gang at his Christmas bash, friends and family made up the numbers.

My good friend Ruth and her hubby were part of this gang tonight so I wasn't the brunt of all the blonde jokes.

Steaks were a very popular choice for this evening and by all accounts they were very good as is known by people living here in Ambergrise Caye. If you are in the mood for some red meat then Banana beach is the place to go.

Kyle was very happy with his meal and it kept him quiet for a long time.

Not being a lover of red meat I went for the chicken breast option which was an absolute delight to the palate.

Somehow we decided that we had a wee bit of space for the chocolate dessert which really did finish us all off.

This was our cheeky wee waiter for the evening who did a stella job in keeping us all topped up with food and drinks and lots of humour.

I had this same glass of red for hours as was nursing a hangover from the previous party two nights ago.

These two were very co-ordinated so I had to get a photo of them together.

Ruth will not like this picture but it shows how the evening was coming to a close.

Cheers Chris for a great evening, great food and great company, here's to a very properous 2010 for one of the best realators in Belize and so says all of us.

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Boydies Belize Blog said...

I need a make a correction to Chris Allnatt as I spelt his name wrong and ma very sorry about that and will not do it again!