Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Another week flying by!

I hate to tell those people here right now that it is Thursday tomorrow as they are all in complete holiday mode and having a great time. I know we say it week after week but I seriously have to ask where the heck do the days go?
We have a really good crowd of people right now with one group celebrating someones 40th birthday, another having a reunion of friends for many years! Then on Saturday we have a wedding to celebrate, look out for the photos of that occasion. All busy busy for the staff at the resort wanting to make it a fantastic trip for all of them.
I want to take this chance to say hello to all of our Vacation Club members at Banyan Bay and Grand Colony and to let you know if you don't already that our new email address is We look forward to having you back here and being able to blog what goes on in San Pedro. I fear that there will be alot of repeat photos of guests drinking on their balconies! More photos in a day or two thanks to the lovely Cindy, cheers for now.

Racquel Phillips
George Phillips
Nurse shark
Eagle Ray

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mnn8064 said...

Looks like a lot of action coming up, with Sharon doing the blogging.
And flying by faster than one can imagine as it fulfills the Mayan Calendar prophesy that time will be speeding up on the run-up to 2012. (Confirmed by physicists and astronomists.!) This is Mayan country and we welcome you to come and take a look.