Friday, May 30, 2008

Week 21 cocktail party

Sharon with all the goodies thanks to the Hulses from last week, M an Ms. peanuts and a couple of bottles of vino that are the prizes for our brain teasing quiz-not!!! You can even win a prize for the cheekiest answer of the night or know all your dwarfs and win the bonus prize!

Some of the happy team here at Rico's restaurant lead by Manwuel.

Ummm scrummy nibbles, never the same two weeks running, a bit like the rum punch!

Kappelmann senior here with some faithful divers and very good friends! Alot of fun to be around, and they had so much fun they added to their inventory for next year.
The beautifull Haydel family, repeat Vacation Club visitors for many years who love it so much they bought a condo in Grand Colony phase two. Nearly the whole family are divers now, certified at ten and eleven years of age! Puts the rest of us to shame!

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