Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Week 20's cocktail party and then some!!!

Here goes another welcome cocktail party in Rico's for our RCI members and then those lucky invited few! Everyone rushes to try our rum punch which is never the same two weeks running!

Erik and some crazy gate crashers I think! Return guests to Belize for many years now.

Some more return guests bringing new ones and glamour to the resort.

Our winners for the quiz H2 and H5 this week, they knew their stuff and won a bottle of Merlot.

Wecolme back to father and daughter Racquel and George Phillips, new owners since last year and back again in six weeks with the rest of the family-lucky devils!

Plenty of rum punch to go around for those thirsty Brits that just arrived! Totally mad bunch of 40 people that drive their vintage cars from Panama to Alaska on this trip no less!

Very keen to take two days away from the cars and chill at Banyan Bay.

One happy Sharon with the best fairy cakes ever! Part of our Sunday brunch, 8.30am-2.00pm for just 25bz a head. A must for everyone after a hard week in the sun!!

Do you see happy people? They are everywhere, may be something to do with that punch!

Our very own Francisco, one of the chefs at Rico's keeping us all way too well fed!

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