Saturday, May 24, 2008

Wk 21, May 24th - 31st 2008

Good afternoon and wow what a week that was. We had so much fun with everyone this week and it just went by in a nanosecond. We had Shelbie Hulse's birthday last night to round off a perfect time. We went to the new fantastic restaurant appropriately named Hidden Treasure and so it is. We had all the Hulses, the Phillip family and myself so a table for 9 and they did us proud. Their martinis are divine and a must, I had a watermelon one, Shelbie a mango one and Racquel a lemon drop and let's just say we all had to try them again to check that they were really that good! We finished off a fab night with a surprise cake for Shelbie from Tabu that just melted in your mouth it was so good and an impromtu happy birthday from all the staff, who needs TGIF?
A sad farewell to all our guests this week especially our RCI vacation club members, the Hulses, the Phillips and the Strong families and a very warm welcome to this weeks visitors old and new.

Shelbie and Marcus Hulse, what a fab hubby arranging the surprise birthday with cake and balloons!!!! Ummm Cheers Boydie!
All the family
Ummm Lemon Drop, Watermelon and Mango Martinis-awesome!
How many candles????? Who's counting!

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Richard Stafferton said...

Hi Sharon great blog with fun photos, it's great to catch up and see how you are enjoying yourself in the sun with all your friends over there. I've just spent a traditional English Bank Holiday weekend in Tesco Extra Great Yarmouth. It's been pouring with rain and strong winds have been battering the caravans on the coast. It's left people with nothing better to do than come shopping making my job very busy. Some die hard Brits still managed to have the BBQ and beer!! Take care and stay in touch Richard x