Friday, May 30, 2008

Tropical storm Alma

Well two weeks are never the same and this one has been no exception. After many weeks of fantastic weather the end of this week has changed quite dramatically. We had alot of rain last night which was well needed but unfortuneately it continued throughout most of today.

Now as alot of you know I am 100% British and am so used to the rain, however I am now very used to sunny days and after a couple of hours of downpour I want the rain to go away and come again another day! Thank you so much to Len and Marilyn Mussack our new members from a couple of weeks ago who sent a concerned email about the storm earlier today. Even the dogs don't like the rain as you can see, my pot lickers Jacki and Lisbon were even in hiding last night!
Jackie in hiding!!!
Lisbon in her own dug out hole!
Tag team digging to China!

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