Sunday, July 26, 2009

Another week comes to a close TGIF!

My good friend Denise popped over to say hi and give me stuff for our yard sale fundraiser for Saga on Sunday.
Stopped in to see JD at reef Village and have a beer or two!

Ok we had a cocktail or two!

It wouldn't be fair to have all my fav people in a post without featuring the dogs also so hi from Jacks.
Hello from Lisbon too.

Is she cute or what?

Look who walked into Lime this Friday evening to totally surprise me, Karen and Omar Cruz! Our version of Tom and Kate Cruz eh!

I have no idea why the silly faces but to be honest what is new with these guys.

Time for that naughty black stuff.

Enough of that nasty stuff onto our tipple of the night which is now slippery nipples!

Another Friday evening came and went in a nano second, spent having good food, good drinks and great company, roll on the weekend and what's in store with that?

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