Monday, July 27, 2009

Happy 21st Juvinie Sabido

A quiet Saturday afternoon-not! We hosted the start of the celebrations for Juvinie as it was his 21st birthday and the first stop was Lime.

He was out with some of his closest friends who were all up for the celebrations.

This wig was doing the rounds and we made Carlos try it on for size.

How cool are they, Liliana and Juvinie are two very photogenic people, she is a former Miss San Pedro who gets more attractive as time goes by, miss World next!

A great group of friends for sure.

Time for shots
Time to boogie
An ariel shot
Time for champers

Lots of people came to wish him a happy birthday

Milo Paz came to celebrate and buy a few rounds for his staff.

Cassidy and Milly were very happy to have a Saturday afternoon this lively.

Time for the wig again

Cayote Ugly eat your heart out at this is San Pedro beautiful.

Work it baby!

Karen and Omar stopped by to see what was happening and asked if there was always a party going on in Lime-the answer I guess is yes most of the time.

The boys are never one to miss a good time either.

Outside is a great people watching spot, no-one can go in or out of town without being seen so Milo was stopping people to come and have a drink.

Still going strong!

The birthday boy, having a great time.

Love this guy, Gerry from Gecko Graphics another good guy to have around for a party!

Time for thos naughty Yeagar shots! Well where there is JD there is Jeagar!

Milo is as bad a man as JD!

Well if it's time for bar tricks it's time to go home, it was a great afternoon spent with some fabbo people, happy birthday young man-well not so young now I guess! CHEERS

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