Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Lime challenge is over!

20 people started the Lime challenge in April and 10 were at the finishing weigh with a total loss of 115.5lbs between them. We raised nearly $250bz for Saga and had a few laughs along the way. One of our lovely men mentioning no names-Dan Blair took great delight in putting on weight every single week for the first six weeks then kicked in and lost 3.5 from his original weight! His wife had to endure his constant baking of cakes, cookies and fudge but managed to lose 11lbs by the end of it.

These two as in Robbie and JD were neck and neck for most of the competition and it was so close with one winning one week and the other the following. Each of them popped into Lime throughout the week and jumped on the scales to monitor their progress, as you can see Robbie was very keen on our big calculator and percentages!

JD was very proud of himself as he has constantly lost weight every single week and is looking the slimest we have ever seen him. Thank goodness he's sitting today and not standing with his trousers around his legs!

So the biggest loser but for sure the biggest winner is- JD, with a staggering 36bls lost which was 14.66%! Robbie was a very close second with 37.5lbs lost which was 12.5% of his original weight.

Still friends and both superstars in our book!

So with the challenge over it was time for some frozen custard from Dande's which was fab as always.
Not cake but it will do

Scottie new to the island, our gang and frozen custard, welcome to San Pedro Scottie boy.


bean819 said...

Oh My ! Look how handsome JD and Robbie look!

tacogirl said...

Congrats to everyone who did the lime challenge you all look great and especially JD and Robbie the top 2. Also a big thanks to Monel (Dan) for making such yummy fudge.