Saturday, July 11, 2009

Lasagna San Pedro style!!!

Here goes the long awaited day of the lasagna cook off for Saga Humane Society, we needed to raise $800bz to light up Fort Dog which is where the Saga dogs are kept till adoption.

From 5.30pm the dishes were being delivered and wow what an array of Lasagne's we had, Sandra the owner of Portofino was one of the first.

Very professional looking it was too.

Kevin the owner of Sunset Grill was also very prompt with his entry and what a dish of seafood lasagna that was.
Check it out would you want to try this one in a hurry or what?

Here you go some mouth watering dishes to tempt the taste buds!

Kathy and Kim some great regulars of Lime and huge supporters of Saga Humane Society, putting in their entry and very happy to do so as you can see.

JD's wife Maureen aka Madame put in her entry below.

Thirteen fantastic dishes were brought in for people to pay to taste and then judge on their favourite.

Beth cut them into small portions to help people get through as many as possible.

They are off, 6pm came around, the dishes were all lined up and the tasting began.

Maya leading the front of the gang and always one to enjoy some good food who manages to plough her way through rather a lot.

Another happy lady and huge animal lover enjoying the atmosphere of the whole thing.

All ages welcome

There is that man again with the lively shirt, Todd from Dallas another huge supporter of our Humane Society.
The newspaper gang are here to not only publish this event but to get to taste it this time.

Paul aka Taco boy another great supporter of events in San Pedro and a good friend.

Grant having a wee taste of that one!

Rosa and hubby, Rosa is our financial lady on the board of Saga always keen to support the fund raising efforts and see the money that will be coming in.

Neil happy to sample a few dishes for $10bz and help the cause and hang out with the gang.

The lovely Ingrid who has worked at Saga for many years and really helps to keep the place going and make it home for the strays.

More happy faces and regulars of Lime.

The slimmer JD just having a forkful of each dish as still watching his weight!

Laurie the Vet another regular at our fundraiser's always happy to meet people and chat.

It's me I know camera shy but what can you do! OMG I was about to try each and every single one of those dishes but just a forkful.

Colette and Maya two huge supporters of everything on San Pedro esp Saga/Foths, very content now that they have been fed!

Waiting for 8pm and time to count the votes and do the raffle.

Robbie a happy chappy!

Serious stuff, Colette and I counting the votes which I have to say were so close this time.

Beth was our adjudicator.

Laurie and Ingrid did a speech to thank everyone for coming and the Limey's for hosting this.

3rd place was Hungry Monkey and Carole Goudreau, followed by Sunset Grill who were a very close second, so who was the winner you ask?

The one and only Jock (Martin to his mother) McPake who has always boasted on being a good cook and I guess we now have to bow to that title as his was voted the best Lasagna.

Love this girl, Caroline who always has a smile on her face and is as lovely inside as out!

More smiley people

He is one happy chappy for sure and his friends can't believe it.

The lovely Milly

It wouldn't be a Humane Society fundraiser without some four legged friends around so meet Marley, Cassidy's dog.

My fund raising partner in crime Grant who is on the Saga board and always surrounded by women.
There is no getting that smile off his face, a very proud Jock.

Goodbye for now from Cassidy and Marley and the gang, thanks to everyone that supported us from near and far the animals of San Pedro love youX


Conch Creative said...

Lovin your work Limey Gang. The food was fantastic and everyone who took part deserved to win. We put on a ton of weight but someone had to do it. Thanks so much for these great fundraisers. xx colette & Maya

Boydies Belize Blog said...

Cheers you two always good to have such great foodies at these events thanks for the support.