Friday, July 3, 2009

Tours in the mainland of Belize

So here we are in the mainland of Belize and kinda on a working trip as there are some new tours that I have never done and we are going to be booking from Lime. One has to do these things to know what they are waffling on about so here is the start of a couple of great days spent sussing it all out.
My good buddy Karen from the Jungle Dome has to do them also as she books all the tours for her guests so it was a chance to do something together and it is our birthdays!

My great buddy Racquel from Chicago came for this week especially and that was a reason to get away from the island so that we could have some time together too and I knew she would love all this outdoor stuff.
Ummm check out these clean and fresh ladies, note my white t-shirt courtesy of my friend Michelle that is bright white right now!

Looking very comfortable on that machine and knowing what trouble she plans to cause as it had just rained a couple of days ago so this place is very muddy!

I have never been on one of these in my life however for those of you that know me know I love speed. Also what I am like in a car or more importantly a golf buggie so the thought of tearing around in this was very appealing, once I got the hang of the beast I was sitting on!

At the starting point once we had all had a go around with our guide, where is a man with a gun to set us all off, oh I forget it isn't a race!

Karen is rearing to go look at that wee devil, sorry about the finger in most of these pictures our guide took them.

This was me going through the first major mud ridden puddle but you will see shortly that this pose was given up just to blast through it all.

Check out those smiles, we are like kids in a sandpit!

Like I said it had been raining a lot the previous few days so this track was very slushy.

This little monkey knew what she was doing and kept trying to blast me with water which you can do to the people in front of you and behind so I tried to steer clear of her.

Another tinker who was just as bad! She may look all sweet and innocent but believe me Karen is just as mischievious as the rest of them! I am no better either as you will see from the color of us at the end!
Yep I got her once or twice and didn't even realise at first what i was doing, this is soooo much fun!

The guide was a gem running all over the place taking photos and helping us all when we got stuck once or twice which I admit I did more than the others.

Karen had learnt to hang back from racquel as she had sussed oput the blast the person behind you technique!
It was clear bright day with shade from the trees, no-one else in our way so we had the run of the place.
Mrs Cruz was really into it now

Time for one last spin around the learning track at the start and time to really show off with us all overtaking each other!

Hating every minute of this adventure can you tell?

They both cut me of at the end which I thought very harsh of them

Still friends, still smiling but not still clean!

Check out those filthy feet, legs and clothes!

This man is so much fun and full of energy, made the whole tour a blast and cute too!

I guess this has been used once or twice in the past and very handy, an outdoor shower in the jungle.
Racquel made sure my original whiter than white shirt was no longer, sorry Michelle!

I think I am going to do jungle training with the army now as am all covered in mud from head to foot! This is not the case all the time and I did have a little help from my friends!

They have a bar which does all the local beveridges and snacks and there are bathrooms on site also. A great tour which can be combined with something else too if time permits like the cave tubing and zip lining. Well worth it while on the mainland and the chance to mussy up a friend or two in rainy season so we all gave it 8-9 out of 10!

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