Monday, June 29, 2009

Birthdays in the jungle

I said there would be plenty of photos from our trip to Belmopan and here we go with our birthday ones while we are on that theme. Karen's birthday is the day before mine so we had reason to celebrate hers too.

She has fantastic staff at the dome who are like family to her and they took great pleasure in making her a lovely cake with a few candles on it.

David is her number two and a very handy man to have around especially when there are some additional animals other than the dogs around!

Two buddies driven together by the jungle and their similar plights!

A corner piece for me! It was good cake made all the better knowing it was made with love!

The next morning it was my turn and I was greeted by Karen with tea and cake which was a great start to the day.
A shout out goes to Karen's mum in Canada who follows my blog now that Karen has gone over to face book so please know that your daughter is great and it was lovely to spend our birthdays together, love to you and Raine.

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