Sunday, June 28, 2009

Another birthday in paradise!

So I had stayed away from Lime for a few days as I had been to Belmopan, pictures of that adventure to follow, anyhow was told to be at Lime for 6pm on June 26th so here I am!

Not sure who or what that face was about but obviously something tickled me.

Hugs and kisses all round for my good buddies

The beautiful Natasha inside and out bless her, the girls had all been very busy sprucing this place up somewhat!

Check out that fabbo banner courtesy of Gecko Graphics once again, even got a cute picture of me on it! He he

Ok so what was all the fuss about? You really had to be there as these pictures do it no justice at all.
We really can't believe what we are seeing and hearing as it was all staged with music to boot.

Yes it is the one and only JD in a kinda drag set up, he came out to Queen music and was on stage for sure.

So he was first up for the night with his original cocktail, let's see what he comes up with!

It had bubbly in it which is a good start

More seemed to go on the counter top that anywhere else but what the heck.

Some juice was sloshed in there too

And the secret ingredient which one could have guessed in a heartbeat was of course Yeagar!

My very good friend and fantastic creator of such things as above Marie of Gecko Graphics.

Of course it wouldn't be a birthday without cake and as I kept going next door they thought it best to get it out sooner than later. What a great job the girls at Lime had done on it and it tasted good too!
Go on girl we all know you have a lot more puff in you than that!

Happy birthday to meeeeeeeeeeee

Cassidy really had a job on her hands tonight with JD behind the bar but she kept her cool and her smile in place.
We all got to try JD's entry and needless to say it got 10/10 for effort but not for flavor, next!

It wouldn't be a night out without JD proving how much weight he has lost and how much slimmer his tummy is now. Without that belt his trousers would be around his ankles!

Wow we can serve beer as well as drink it, how proud of himself is he right now?

Luckily he had Tracey to hand to help out as well, for someone who never wanted to do bar she did a stella job tonight-cheers buddy!

Time for some normal glamour in these pictures, Racquel and Collette and myself all with hair and make-up for a change.

Yes we got some sun in the jungle

I think I was doing another shot, one of many through out the night.

Ok there goes that party trick of JD's, he breathes in and loses his shorts now that he is nearly 30lbs lighter!
Not sure what that face is all about but was just given some more cake, well a fruit tart from the new restaurant Pinochio's, ummm and lovely it was too.

Next up was Phil who named his cocktail How the bloody hell do you follow that! Well his tasted much better than the first one and the bar was much cleaner too.

We wind each other up constantly but secretly really like Mr Phil, but no need to tell him!

He will kill me for this shot but what the hell it's my blog and I spend hours doing it so tough!

Craig is up next and is all like bring it on matey!

The two bloggers taking photos of each other, bet she gets her pictures up before I do as I will have the mother of hangovers tomorrow unlike Tacogirl!

Collette and Balloons and a party, need I say more!

Looking good so far, nice colour nice glasses now what about the taste?

Two very special people in my life Jimjam and Jamilla, squeeze me tight guys makes me look slimmer, good trick of the camera eh!

This was a naughty little present from Helda from her new place of work, yes a sex shop by all accounts! It was a rather rude camera which we all had fun with.

Tracey had just been shown it before this picture was taken.

Craig got the girls going behind the bar tonight for sure, maybe he should be around every Friday.
Looking like a winner so far, well I am easy as it had my peach vodka in it so was very happy.

Is that dog winking at me?

Next up was Robbie what was very organised with his cooler box of tricks!

Neil thought he was in with a new bird and then saw that it was JD, he he!

Just a few of my friends and regulars in the bar tonight you think? Minus Mark and Michelle whom we miss very much so hey guys sorry you are not here esp to take photos!

Robbie is in the house!

Ummm what a mix, chocolate and vodka, I am in heaven!

Don't even go there! How she got away with that with her wee G-string non of us know!

Not to be left out Helda added to her ample bossoms and gave Collette a run for her money.

Enough already you two, see Beth cracking up also.

Robbie's stint was over now onto Grant and whatever concoction he has come up with.

Cheers Tracey, so good to have you back safe and sound and even more for covering for me tomorrow! Luv her.
It's green and mean and I loved it

Well it is my birthday!

There goes that crazy man again that took a whole post of that pose, he should stop drinking the green stuff!

Ut oh here are the real party animals of San Pedro.

Time for a quick boogie

Some of my dream team, bless them they are just the best of a crazy bunch.

Wondered where he had gotten to, someone remove that Lighthouse before it's too late.

Better late than never, my great girlfriend Ruth and her hubby Graham whom I just caught up with as it was getting late and I had had my fair share of cocktails!

Love this man to pieces, no worries mum and dad you know that I am in safe hands with Jimjam around!
There were balloons everywhere, Lime was the place to be tonight for sure!

So the winner of the cocktail for tonight is?

How can we pick one from the other?

You were all great and are all the best in my book so there was no individual winner they were all great! God knows how we will top this night next year but we have some time to work on that. Cheers to everyone that made it a super evening and a cracking hangover the next day.

As always at times like this it is sad to be away from immediate family however when you look at the people we hang around with this is a close second, here's to my family in Belize lol.


Conch Creative said...

Great party and great pictures. Thank you for the balloons. I had days of fun with them!

Wasn't Phil's cocktail called something slightly more flavourful?

x Colette

tacogirl said...

After Pedro's birthday party I am done for hangovers for along long time lol. Was a great party.

Carbunkle Trumpet said...

Those pictures of JD scare me a tad. Happy Birthday as we didn't get to make it but heard it was quite the place to be.