Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Curry Cook Off - Saga Fundraiser

Here we have Jamilla rushing to get her entry dish to us in time to start the tasting at 6pm.

12 very different dishes were all lined up, from chicken to pork to beef to shrimp.

Do these pictures make you want to eat it all over again or what? Yes please as they were fabulous.
An excellent turn out, more then 70 people came and joined in the evenings activities.

Laurie our resident time vet came along with some of the incredibly hard working staff at Saga Humane Society.
People were everywhere going back and forward to really get a good sample of each dish.

Some of the Brit pack who pride themselves on knowing a good curry or two.

Collete was most impressed with the variety from the meats to the flavors, she gave it a huge thumbs up.
Michelle was also very happy with her ten dollar dinner!

The winner is? Mrs Jamilla Janmohamed (well for goodness sake she is of Indian descent!)

Jo just loves that mega phone

She won a lovely hamper which had an Ipod shuffle in it so now she can work out to music and drown Jimjam out!
Second was Marie our good friend and owner of Gecko Graphics, who won a large bottle of wine and a dog lead with collar.

A very close third was Maureen Dalgarno, wife of JD and our weekly special cook at Lime.

We gave everyone a free raffle ticket for tasting the curry and the prize was a bottle of Tequila which Laurie our vet pulled the ticket for.

This was such a great shot that I just had post it, Marie pretending to be drinking and her partner Phil behind with a beer.

This is the Royal Palm gang being silly as usual.

Tracey is glad to be back as are we to have her, you may now see some pictures on this blog away from Lime.
Anyone would think that these lot were great friends.

The two people on the right are the owners of Portofino who have promised to be in the next cook off as I hear Sandra is a very good cook.

Jules stopped by to support us once again, one great guy.

The lovely Natasha on the left and our cook Karen on the right who made a curry from Lime and one of her own which were great and would have won had she made a larger dish.

One happy gang during a great night.

The cook off was between 6pm and 8pm then once the votes were counted and prizes given out it was time to head next door and hang out in the bar.

Some familiar faces and some new ones in Lime, people love curry!

Time for some glamour

My favourite time of the night, someones birthday so time for cake.

We missed Jimjam's birthday as he was away in England so we made the cake do two rounds.

Someone else who likes cake, my good buddy Tracey. There were only 16 pieces to go round alot of people so I had to be selective in who got one!

That time of the night who is going to win the 50/50 this week?

Number 26 and the winner is Sharon!!! Yippeee the first time that I have won.

Don't they make a cute couple, Lucy our second chef and the very helpfull Wade who is great to have around especially at closing time when we have to put the shutters up!

Umm yes it was a late one this particular Friday evening but a very good one, we raised $730.00bz for Saga which is to go towards the $1000.00 needed for an A/C unit in the clinic. The bar was hopping all night with a great atmostphere so all in all a fantastic night thanks to the very good people in San Pedro.

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