Saturday, June 6, 2009

More birthdays in San Pedro

Is it always someones birthday or what? So it would seem right now and here we have some more to blog about. Rodrigo celebrating his in style and thrashing the poor pinata that never stood a chance. I didn't even get a shot of it before it hit the floor exploding with all the goodies the lovely Natasha had put inside for him!

People were scrambling to get some of treats strewn all over the floor.

Instead of traditional birthday cake we were treated to a huge key lime pie made by our fantastic cooks in Lime.

Jimmy James can't help himself and picks up the guitar any chance he gets to help get the crowd really into a party mood, like these lot need help!

Then the next birthday to celebrate was bad Peter aka Pedro.

A very mellow looking Steve lee which is rarely the case catching up with Michelle.

More music

Smile party boy you're not that old are you?

Matt was telling the funniest story and imitating someone whilst doing it.

She gets around eh!

No need to guess what he's checking out the cheeky little bugger!

Love this couple and their lovely family as in Niomi and wassau, just the cutest.

Time to have a wee boogie

Is this just so appropriate or what, the devil himslef of San Pedro as so many would agree! He he

Now to my favourite part of the evening which I think Peter was trying to avoid as in the cutting of the cake! I knew there was one somewhere as Rebecca always makes him one so once we found it it was time to sing to the old git and have cake and eat it! I love birthdays sooo much well to be honest I LOVE CAKE!

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