Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Lime does sliders

Sliders, mini burgers or Lime castle burgers, whatever you call them they are getting a big thumbs up from our regulars as can be seen by this goofy face on Paul. This was the second week we did them and what a great deal, a bucket of beer and two burgers for just $20bz good one says all of us.
Had to take this picture of Wade as he was so colour co-ordinated with the pink bucket!

The lovely Kim to his right who always has a great smile on her face.

This lady added some colour and glamour to the evening with her sparkly top.

My good friends Mark and Michelle popped out to see what was happening this Friday evening.

Poor Ella who is doing really after her surgery however after deciding to take her own stitches out she has been bandaged up again and isn't too thrilled about it bless her little paws!

She wasn't even too fussed with the treats I kept giving her.

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