Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Day off and time to see the sea

Time to see some shots of my other favourite colour which would be blue of course! So here to tease you all is the beautiful sea that we get to look at each and every day, up the island we went to pick up a birthday girl to go for lunch!

As you can see it isn't a crazy busy day on our roads so it was easy to stop and start and take pictures.
Where is this taken? A Belikin for the correct answer!

Our friends little hideaway out on her deck where she chills out in total peace and quiet.

Oh to be on that boat right now.

Here she is Marilyn Marx whom we were celebrating a belated birthday as we managed to miss the real date so we elected her to have another one!

Check out that fabulous piece of Key Lime pie compliments of Capricorn for the occasion.

Well we had to check out their Coconut pie also so see if it was as good at the Key Lime.

The girls doing lunch as we do so well, don't you just love birthdays as they keep on coming year after year!
Luckily there was no fighting at there was plenty to go round for all four of us and we even left a small piece just to be polite of course.

back to the Palapa Bar to drop off our wee parcel Marilyn and have just one more cocktail as it would be rude not to and we were all still very full from a fantastic lunch at Capricorn.

A lovely afternoon spent in the company of some very good friends cheers M and here's to many more in paradise!

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