Friday, June 5, 2009

Another new restaurant in San Pedro

We now have an Italian in San Pedro which just opened last week, so along we popped last night to see what it was all about.

Their pizza's are made in 30 seconds and the four cheese one that we tried was absolutely Delicious.
A nice open bar area with plenty of room to sit and chill before or after the meal.

Some familiar faces were there also, as in Robbie and Helda and Isobella who were on dessert when we got there.
At the next table was Pedro having a birthday meal with Tony and the vet Laurie.

Ummm she may kill me for this one but had I to show my dinner dates for the evening which was Jamilla and Beth.

Grant stopped by our table to say hi as he was booking for tomorrow night for his wife's birthday treat.
No photos of the food this time as I was too busy eating it but have to say well worth a return visit epsecially for the dessert, cheers for now good people and have a great weekend TTFN.

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