Saturday, July 18, 2009

Nights out and fund raising!

This is just a taster of the wild pictures I have from this night but this is just to show that when we need to raise money in San Pedro we do it in style!
Desi Rosado a regular to Belize being a native and all that came to support the cause and buy some cocktails.

For my friends in the UK that follow this blog this was myself showing Colette the man I feel like a woman dance!
People were not shy about getting up on that stage esp Helda and Colette and Diane as they can all hold a note or two!

The crowd was well into it and to say it was the most entertaining evening in while is an understatement!
Helda singing with a beer bottle with people bowing down to her no less! Like I said this was just a taster as I have so many good pictures that the blogging will take a while but had to get a few teasers out there.

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