Sunday, July 26, 2009

Birthdays and cake!

Happy birthday to our lovely Beth Hart who celebrates her first one living here full time on Ambergris Caye. We just had a quiet lunch at Sunset Grill as she didn't want a fuss. Well you know us lot, always ready to listen and obey!
So she comes to Lime for a quiet Tuesday night to have fish n chips (french fries) to those of you from the other side of the pond! She walks in to find just a few friends ready to greet her and share a glass or two of adult beverages.

These two as in Neil and Jock are regulars for good old English fish n chips and Colman's mustard which we are very short on to anyone coming to visit soon, hint hint.

Not sure what the joke is but these pair are always laughing at something or someone!

Most of the A listers came to wish Beth best wishes.

Here we have Kim and Kathy from Cauldwell Banker who are two great ladies, always up for supporting whatever we have going on. We opted out of Yeagar shots but did Tequila and slippery nipples instead-ummmmm my new shot of choice when given one!

We had been raffling a phone for the past week to raise money for a young local lad that needs immediate treatment so time to draw the winning ticket and of course Beth was the person to do this.
My good friends from New Jersey, Caroline and Chris had the winning ticket, check out her gorgeous smile.
Robbie is the king of selling tickets and between him at Roadkill and us at Lime we raised over $700.00bz which was sent off to the family this week in Guatemala.

That time of the evening on a birthday and as Beth loves cheesecake that is what we had, an oreo chocolate cookie one.

Beth and Maya were having a giggle as these naughty little candles just wouldn't blow out!

Go on Beth give it all you got!

A very triumphant look on the birthday girls face, she was not about to be beaten not today!

This lovely pair were at every event in the past week and great to have around the place as they light it up with those smiles. Their time went way too quickly but they will back next year and the year after and hopefully many more to come.

My special friends from New Jersey, whom I hope we will see year after year also.

Caroline calls me her sister in Belize, you see the resemblance? You have to love this lady to pieces as she truly is one of the biggest animal lovers you could ever meet. Saying that she loves everything and everyone especially her fantastic husband Chris.

Check out those grins on the guys, Chris and our big teddy bear Scottie.

I know this isn't the best picture of Marie and she may be a bit mad at me for posting it but it came to that time of night way too quickly. Time to pay and head home as it is a school night and we all have work tomorrow even in paradise one has to be sensible now and again!

Happy Birthday to our very good friend Beth, hope to celebrate many more with you here in San Pedro, Belize cheers and TTFN.

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