Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day off in San Pedro-what to do?

Thursday came around not soon enough this week as there have been a lot of early starts, so what is one to do this week?

We started the day off with a breakfast meeting at the house which included English sausages and bacon and tea of course!

Check this out, hungry or what?

So who comes to breakfast on this windy Thursday in San Pedro? As can be seen we have the lovely Colette and Maya, along with Christine.
Gwen got my invite which I posted on face book, luckily there are not that many of us in San Pedro! Good god if it had been in the UK we may have had 40 people turn up.

Ari and Heidi made it eventually, only about an hour and a half late which by Belize time isn't too bad. She turned it into a working breakfast as she had us all folding in no time, Saga leaflets of course!
I spruced up the OJ's with a splash of vodka which got Colette going ten to the dozen-like she needs any help!
The morning was spent talking a lot about Saga of course as it is a passion we all share. So the afternoon was spent at the Clinic and the shelter, check these little adorable creatures out. This wee man is called bacon which is very appropriate as we had spent the morning eating it!

Here is Ingrid Saga's manager trying to get back in the clinic and keep these lively puppies out.

The lovely Kelsey stopped by to lend a hand of which hers is very good as she painted those signs beautifully without a stencil even.

She's back and on a mission to get as much done for Saga on this trip as possible so it was all hands to the deck.
Working girls!!
Very happy about their tasks too.

So what is one to do after hanging out with them you can't just go and leave them now can you? I am now officially a foster parent and have Chloe for a couple of days.

I challenge anyone who could say no to those eyes and that wee cute face!

She just loves this bed and sits still on it for ages, pees poops and sleeps, a lot like most youngsters eh!
Even Tracey a cat person fell in love with little Chloe.

Not too much at home or in charge you think!

A friend of mine from Chicago asked me to blog other things apart from Lime and let her know what I am up to in my spare time so there you go Racquel Saga and work, work and Saga, for now anyhow! For those that follow my blog and our Humane Society we have some very good news coming up and all is well, thanks for the emails, donations and best wishes lots of wagging tails to all of you cheers for nowX


Rachel Hoke said...

UH OHHHHHHHH!!!! Looks like Shazza is the proud Mama of 3 doggies now!! HAHAHA!

Boydies Belize Blog said...

Think not she has been adopted!

Racquel said...

About time. Thanks. When will you adopt one for me to call my own when I am there?

Lime said...

Good guestion