Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Mooney's are here in San Pedro

My good friends the Mooney's are back in town from NY to celebrate the New Years. They wanted to go to Casa Picasso but as it is closed now I suggested the wonderful Pinocchio's instead which opened a few months ago and is very authentic Italian food with some great red wines.

Here we have Bob
Here we have Diane and her two youngest of their four children, Anthony and Caitlin.

This is a much better one of Diane.

Thank goodness for Face book as that is how we have stayed in touch this year, and I can follow them in NY.
The food is fabulous as they import the cheeses and meats from Italy.

The Brushetta is to die for! Well not worth dying but you know what I mean.

This was a popular destination this evening and the staff were great with hardly a wait for the food.

A big group were coming in as we were about done so our timing was great. This is a great addition to the restaurants on San Pedro, all we need now is a proper Indian restaurant and I would be really happy.A lovely evening with great food, wine and company, for those of you coming to Belize soon this needs to be on the list for dinner one evening as it is divine.

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