Sunday, January 3, 2010

Look who's 40?

Saturday night is party night! Well to be honest every night is party night in San Pedro however this particular one was very special.

We were very good and arrived at 8pm as instructed knowing that there would be very few others there at that time!
Yes it is still a bit chilly in Belize right now hence the jackets and long sleeves, oh to be cold in the late 60's!
DJ Debbie is at the helm so you know there is going to be some great music.

Over the hill at 40-I think not as it is a very respectable age to be I do believe!

Here she is the birthday girl, it is Gill herself having a whole birthday weekend, her actual day in Monday but she has the energy and friends to make it last at least 48hrs.

All the girls are out to have a good time minus their husbands so you know it is going to be lively.

We have always said that we are sisters from another mother as are very alike in personalities and attitudes. One of her favourite lines is I got your back girl and you know that to be true with a good friend like Gill.

There was a lot of smiles and glamour at this do tonight.

Rebbecca even made it for a night out which is very rare.

Check out that look, not sure what is was about as she has soooo many.

She was the first up to dance and hardly stopped and never spilt a drop of her Vodka which was amazing as that girl can move.

Anyone would think it was her birthday check out that constant smile.

Someone said to me the other day after checking my profile on face book that I am always at a party and having a good time. I cannot lie it does seem to be the case rather a lot but like I always say, tough job but someone has to do it! Hell I need material to blog about or I would talk about the weather all the time!

Where there is a party you will see this lot of women having a great time.

There she is again the birthday girl, happy happy birthday Jill!!!!!!

Check out that cake I want some, you know me where's there cake there is usually Sharon!

People were arriving now, you know this country runs on Belize time and nothing will rush that!

What are those two up to?

This pair kept the drinks flowing and are responsible for many bad heads today!

Jill and Monica getting into the swing of the party, those girls have moves that defy gravity!

Here you go girls, keep up if you can?

Lets dance everyone.
Who ever said white girls can't dance has never seen Jill Leslie move, goodness she really can!

Jill and Monica

Christine got up and did a couple of turns.

Sandy was out also which was good to see her with her hair down literally.

My new camera must make people look really pale, no hang on a minute these two are really pale! Come on sun where have you been?

Party is rocking!

It's my party and I am having a great time, true no?
These feet are done with the dancing so time to go home, a great night was had by all and I bet these party animals saw it through till the next day! Not us three as we went home to bed ready for another busy day in paradise.

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